Columbus Unscripted

Columbus Unscripted  is Ohio's leading center for improvisation training and performance.  We subscribe to the philosophy that everyone matters and  we believe  that each of our students, instructors, performers, patrons and associates, contribute a significant and creative voice to our mission and are integral partners to the current and future  growth of our organization.

In partnership with The Wild Goose Creative and The Whetstone Recreation Center, Columbus Unscripted offers regular performance dates and training opportunities throughout the year. We have chosen local and  national instructors who are professional educators, writers, editors and performers.   Each of our teachers subscribe to Columbus Unscripted's goal of promoting  the strengths of each student while providing an ongoing individualized assessment of skills and customized approach to supporting the students growth and progress. You can learn more about our program and our instructors by visiting our training center page.

 See You Thursday 


Speakeasy's Jillian Coton, Meag Horn and Sarah Fulmer

Friday March 28, 2014, 8:00 pm @ the Wild Goose Creative  $5.00  at the dooror buy ticketshere.